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For more information on Emerie's abuse and more frequent updates on this fight for justice, please visit Will's blog.

Every now and then, we as humans will hear a story that inspires us to help one another. This happened to me when I stumbled upon Will's blog.
Will is disabled. He lives with his daughter, the proud military mother of a pretty little girl named Emerie.
The week of June 5, 2006 Emerie was sent to visit her father, step-mother, three-year-old brother and one-year-old brother as well as other family members in Armory, MS. She was only sixteen months old. While visiting her father, she was brutally beaten.
According to both the father and step-mother, the step-mother was at work at the time the injuries occurred.  The father had picked all three children up early from daycare on that day and when the children were returned to daycare the following day, Emerie was bruised head to toe. They told the daycare worker that she had injured herself while throwing a temper tantrum. Nobody notified Emerie's mother or grandfather when the injuries occurred, nor did they mention it when they spoke to her grandfather that week.
Whether it be complacency, ignorance, or a fear of getting involved- nobody questioned this story until several days later when a concerned citizen notified the authorities. An investigation was started and Emerie was taken into custody by the Department of Child Services.  
Finally, Emerie's mother was contacted. As soon as she got clearance from the military to leave post, she and her father-Emerie's grandfather- were able to go retrieve Emerie. Imagine seeing your precious baby beaten beyond recognition by someone you were supposed to be able to trust.
Emerie was seen by military doctors when the family returned to Georgia and underwent a full bone scan.
When informed that Emerie's injuries were inconsistant with their story, the father and step-mother changed it. They said that Emerie's three year old brother was the one responsible for beating her. The three year old admitted to the authorities that he did throw a football and hit Emerie once in the head. He has not, to anyone's knowledge, admitted to anything else. Emerie's injuries are inconsistant with the story of another child having been the one to do this to her. There were marks resembling an adult's fingers around her little arms and legs and the beating was far too severe for it to have been another child.
An overwhelming amount of evidence against the father has presented itself, including:
1. The photographic evidence of Emerie's injuries.
2. Two Dr.'s reports confirming that the injuries were consistant with abuse. One indicates that the abuse could have been going on from the time she was sent to stay with her father until the time she was rescued.
3. Three witnesses that can and will testify that Emerie was not bruised when she arrived at her father's home.
4. One eyewitness to the fact that Emerie's step-mother was being very harsh with her in public.
5. The fact that they have changed their story  to the authorities.
6. Their negligence in taking Emerie to a doctor when the injuries occurred.
7. The fact they did not contact Emerie's mother or grandfather when the injuries occurred.
8. The fact that the grandmother did not indicate anything wrong to the grandfather when she spoke on the phone with him that Thursday, only hours before Emerie was taken into custody by the Department of Child Services.
Emerie's grandfather, Will, has made it his goal to see that those involved in his granddaughter's abuse are punished to the fullest extent of the law. As in many child abuse cases, the legal system is turning a deaf ear. One man alone may not be able to yell loud enough to force them to listen. This site was created in the belief that there are good people in this world willing to lend their own voice. I hope I was correct in that belief.

To sign your name to this cause and your support for Will and Emerie,
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**Note** It has recently come to our attention, that the website used to host our petition asks for donations. After you submit your entry to the petition, you can back out of the browser or just close. The donations that they are requesting in no way are to aid in this pursuit of justice for Emerie and are not mandatory. Do not feel like you have to donate and please know that Will nor anyone else associated with Emerie or her family is asking for the money. Your submission to the petition will be processed as normal whether you donate or not. Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to hear Emerie's story!

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